Rothko String Quartet

Joosten Ellée and William Overcash (Violin), Marc Kopitzki (Viola), Jakob Nierenz (Violoncello)

The Rothko String Quartet was founded in Lüneburg in 2017 and has been exploring different styles of classical music in its diverse concert programmes ever since. The string quartet not only performs the music of marginalised composers and brings to light lesser-known works of classical music history; its programmes also show a great interest in the performance of newly composed music. To dissolve genre boundaries, the Rothko String Quartet collaborates with producers, composers and improvisers, from jazz to techno. Important partners have been the Holon Trio (jazz), Sadie Weis (visual arts), Mirna Bogdanović (jazz composer and singer), Kaan Bulak (composer), and dOP (techno band).

Rothko String Quartet




Sat 15 June 20:00

Ordenssaal, Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg

»Love Reacts Only«

Amelie Schmidt / Rothko String Quartet

tickets 25–45 €, reduced 15 €
Presale from Feb 26.
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